By Alan Bailey

Who looks after you?


Maybe your motto is "I look after myself. That is rule number one." True, we live in a security conscious society – and no wonder. You cannot leave your belongings lying around or leave your house or car without locking the doors. These things are valuable to us, but they are replaceable. It is life itself that stands out as precious.

we all need caring for
Is it possible to depend on no-one? I do not believe so. We need politicians to run the country, despite our corporate cynicism. We need police to keep order, teachers to care for our kids' education, doctors and nurses to tend to our sicknesses and our wounds. The list goes on.

The very fact that we hear a constant stream of complaints about services shows how much we depend on others to meet our needs. We hear of tradesmen who do not do the job properly, doctors guilty of malpractice, police who are corrupted, banks that will not listen and solicitors robbing elderly widows. Any night of the week you can hear the stories on TV. Everyone can relate to one experience after another where you have been let down.

We have a problem
Today there is a feeling of insecurity in many lives. There can be an underlying fear of being taken down. Who can we trust? Yes, there are many examples of injustice and neglect, but we should not forget all the faithful services which are rendered day by day, some sacrificially and lovingly. Trust is still appropriate. We must admire those who care for the sick and the aged, those who take meals to those who are shut-in and the many helping careers doing a valuable job to benefit the needy. They are there, unheralded and unsung. Perhaps we should be asking ourselves whether we are doing anything for others. Do we have a generous spirit?

The bigger picture
My answer to the question "Who looks after you?" is "My Father in heaven." This is not just a trite, cosy little concept, it is a reality. The Creator of the universe has a care for people.

The question extends beyond this life to the next. We need to deeply consider the significance of eternity because, when on earth, Jesus Christ made it clear that there is no automatic heaven for all when we die. He told us of the plan of God to bring people into everlasting blessing and security. Jesus' death on the cross on our behalf was central in the plan.

There is a choice which we must make. Either to fall in line with God's plan and turn our lives over to Him, or to go it alone. Be certain of this: going it alone does not lead to heaven.

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