Love was missing

Far from his parent’s love, Genson realised he needed the God his parents knew

Genson Miambo
Genson Miambo

As a young boy of 12, Genson Miambo left his home to continue his secondary studies, and as he had to care for himself alone, he says, “I was exposed to all the evil that the world offers out there”.

“I had friends who robbed people at our school. I even got myself involved with girls, some of them older than me.”

As his parents were Christian believers, Genson says, “I lied to my parents. They thought I led a good life as they had taught me, and took me to church, but I didn’t go anymore.”

Only able to see his parents during holidays twice a year, Genson says, “I missed the love of my parents, I developed an angry and rebellious heart. For four years I continued my bad behaviour and even failed grade 8. I did whatever was good in my own eyes.”

Eventually, over time Genson’s loneliness and anger motivated him to write his parents a letter.

“I blamed them for my problems because they sent me to study away from home. I felt very lonely and unloved. There was a time when my anger problem was so bad, I could be angry without being provoked.

“My life was a misery and if God didn’t intervene I felt I wouldn’t last five years alive. No one could say anything to me about God and my behaviour because before they started explaining things, I would tell them what I know. They found it difficult to answer my questions. I saw myself as rejected by God and parents.”

As time went on, Genson admits he became more miserable and lonely, which produced “many unanswered questions”.

One day, Genson recalls he was analysing his life when “somehow God himself spoke to my heart.”

“The words of Psalm 37, verse 3, which we used to memorise at home came to my mind: ‘Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.’

“God used these words to show me that I needed to trust in the Lord, so that He could enable me to do good and receive His blessings and guidance in my life.”

As he compared his “miserable life”, to his childhood, Genson says, “I saw my desperate need of Jesus in my life.

“I started to pray as I was taught, I asked forgiveness of my sins and gave my life to the Lord. I started to go to church again and I was baptised at 28 December 2003 when I was 16 years old.”

As his heart began to be changed by God, Genson decided to confess his rebellion to his parents. “My parents prayed with me andexplained God’s love and forgiveness to me. They didn’t reject me for lying to them all these years. They were always there for me.”

No longer pursuing a destructive lifestyle, Genson says that receiving Jesus in his life “was all I needed to continue to live and be useful in this world.

“Jesus took away from me my rebellious heart, my bad behaviour and made me into a person who listens when I am corrected.

“I have godly friends today and I am married to a lovely wife and I live a happy life. God has blessed me with two wonderful kids. Miriana, 3 years and Daniel, 7 months.”

Now engaged in theology study, Genson says, “I aim to return to Mozambique to minister to youth who are going through the challenge of leaving their families for education, because up to this day there are many young people going through the same situation I was in during my youth.

“Thanks to God who saved me; He changed and delivered me from my sexual immorality, lying and stealing. In the beginning it wasn’t easy for me to leave these practices, but God has never forsaken me up to this day. Through prayer, reading of His Word and fellowship with believing friends, I am growing more obedient to Him and more resistant to my former sins.” ?

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