A little Nudge

The reason for pain

Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke grimaces in pain

Breaking bones, being burnt by fire or cutting yourself on something is never a fun experience. The pain of wounds can sometimes seem unbearable. Has it ever made you wonder why we feel pain? Even emotional pain from heartbreak or loss of a loved one can make us feel physically sick. What if I told you that our world was not created to be painful?

The Bible says God created the universe in six days and called it "very good". Everything worked in perfect harmony as Adam and Eve lived in unity with God, but then they brought the curse of suffering and death into the world through their rebellion and sin against God. In Genesis 3, man rejects God, who consequently removes some of His sustaining power.

Now that we experience injury and death, pain is useful. If we did not feel pain when we put our hand in a fire how would we know something is wrong? Pain and suffering causes us to take our hand away from the hot fire so that it does not suffer a painful burn.

Similarly, the suffering we see around us reminds us that there is something wrong with our world today because of sin. So God has provided a way that we may learn to withdraw our lives from what causes us so much pain.

Sin has brought pain, suffering and death but through Jesus Christ's victory over these things we can find forgiveness for our sins and healing for our lives which will last far beyond our suffering in this world.

Turn to Jesus because He is the only way to find the peace, comfort and healing we so desperately need, that will last beyond this life into eternity.

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