Truth trumps fantasy

Selfish fantasies cost Denis his family but the truth set him free

Denis Hutchins
Denis Hutchins

As a 10-year-old Denis Hutchins ended up drunk from unfinished glasses at his brother's 21st birthday, but as he grew older his pursuit of alcohol and pleasing himself led to prison and a dramatic life change.

"As years went by, drinking became a regular part of my life," Denis says. "With drinking came sexual immoralities, including adultery, pornography and indecent behaviour."

Even after marrying in 1980, and four children, he admits he was "not a faithful husband, nor a decent father."

This lifestyle of pleasing himself worsened when a clairvoyant spoke favourably about he and his wife's future.

Dismissing all consequences, Denis recalls that he "began constantly fantasising about immoral things, while trying to look good and kind on the outside."

Feeling down about his family's low finances and a monotonous routine, Denis joined an early morning breakfast club in Melbourne, where he would hear speakers on motivation and business techniques.

His journey to truth began when, he says, "a lady at this meeting gave me a book that showed me how to 'gain things from God'."

Following the book's instructions, Denis began asking for things he genuinely needed "in Jesus' name" and humbly asked for God's kindness, knowing he did not deserve it.

"The answered prayers," Denis explains, "caused me to have many questions about who God is."

He began reading the Bible and found out that God is perfect, and He cannot allow those who fall short of His perfection into heaven with Him.

"I found that I was deserving of God's punishment for my rebellion against Him and I was in need of God's help. But I also knew that if I asked God to sort out my life then I would have to face my wife with the truth of my evil ways."

As he changed his mind about his sin before God and asked for Jesus' forgiveness, Denis says, "I understood that I was completely clean before God, but I still needed to confess my sins and face the consequences."

Knowing he did not have the courage to tell his wife, Denis says, "I asked God to bring it about in the best possible way. Days later my wife was called by a friend who said that her daughter had been molested.

"God placed a trust in me that He would do things in the perfect way. It was the toughest time for my family, but all I could do was speak the truth to every question I was asked."

In 1996 Denis went to prison, and was divorced the following year. He has never seen his children again.

Following the end of his sentence, Denis moved in with his parents, and he still cares for his 89-year-old mother after his father's death.

"I prayed regarding the church that God would have me go to and He led me to a wonderful forgiving and loving church."

Despite his past being known in his small town, Denis says, "God protects and cares for those who are truthful with Him. There is a wonderful promise in Proverbs chapter 16, verse 7: 'When a man's ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with Him.' So, for those who trust God, people are not our enemies, demons and lies are, and God's truth delivers us from both."

Denis admits that temptations still come to his mind, but each time he says, "I deliberately choose to pray and the Spirit of the Lord lifts me up and gives me good things to think upon."

Denis says he is following the Bible's instruction to "pray so that you will not fall into temptation."

"My heart desires Jesus more than the foolish things of my former selfish character, with its immoralities and fantasies."

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