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Searching for a new job

looking for a job

The best way to convince potential employers that you are the person they are looking for is to know what gifts, talents, and abilities are your greatest and most marketable assets.

Write out the answers to these questions:

1What are my accomplishments? Include business, career, personal, family, community, cultural, and societal accomplishments.

2What skills were needed to accomplish them? Separate the skills into primary, secondary, and limited categories.

3What are my values, principles, personal standards, and ethics? Eliminate from your job search any company where it is immediately obvious that you would have to compromise these values and standards.

4What are my interests, abilities, skills, talents, desires, and gifts? Separate them into primary, secondary, and limited categories.

5What is the ideal company for which you would like to work (work activities, organisation, environment, processes, mission and values)? Make a list of at least five companies that meet your specifications for an ideal company for which to work, and at least five companies for which you would not work.

Concentrate job search efforts on your areas of greatest strength. If you need a job immediately this should not be a time to learn new skills unless you have plenty of savings. Find several companies you would like to work for and the job position or responsibilities that match your strengths.

Contact managers of departments where you would want to work in the different companies and ask for an interview. If a manager is open to your suggestion, send your résumé, and always follow through.

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