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By Darryl Budge

Sell or recycle unwanted electronics easily

An electronic device like a phone or tablet that is less than four years old is relatively easy to sell online via Ebay or Australian-based Gumtree, but for older, bulky or faulty devices here are some alternatives.

If you want a guaranteed sale of your unwanted mobile, will offer you an online price quote on working or faulty (but still functional) mobile phones and send you packaging to mail them your device. For devices worth nothing, they also have a free-postage recycling initiative, detailed at

Mazuma accepts over 1300 models, some worth $1, others worth $150, which the company then sells in developing countries. In January 2015, Mazuma offered to buy a good-condition working iPhone 5S 16GB device for $100; an iPhone 4S for $70; an iPad Mini for $120; and a Samsung Galaxy S3 for $75.

Too old to sell? Recycle instead!

All the below initiatives recycle over 90 per cent of raw materials in electronic goods.

Drop off your unwanted mobile at a Mobile Muster public collection point, usually located in or nearby mobile phone stores. This Australian non-profit company is paid recycling levies in advance by most big-brand manufacturers. In 2014, Mobile Muster's 4000 public collection points diverted 80 tonnes of e-waste from landfill. See for more information.

Mobile Muster is also involved in a general e-waste recycling program with Storage King, whose NSW locations provide a $3.50 recycling box for you to fill and drop off to them. Accepted items include mobile phones, notebooks, printers, fax machines, scanners, hard drives, VCR players, projectors, electronic games, DVD players, stereo equipment and video cameras. More information at

To recycle your TV and computer equipment, check out, a national initiative funded through government-mandated recycling levies on electronics stores. TechCollect states "all televisions, PC's, laptops, tablets and computer accessories will be accepted regardless of brand or age". See for all accepted items and to locate your nearest collection point.

For information on all recyclable items, check out, an initiative of

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