By Rick Lewers

Easter: unfinished business


Do you ever have trouble finishing things? The Easter long weekend coming up is a good time to get things finished.

I have to say that the worst unfinished things in my life have always been relational ones. Forgiveness not given, sorry not said, truth not declared, issues in life not properly addressed, needed help not sought. Of course, when it comes to having a relationship with God, it is unsaid prayers, God's unread Word, insufficient trust to do His will and a failure to enjoy His friendship. For you it may even be an unwillingness to trust in Him at all - and that is the most dangerous unfinished work in your life.

It is one thing for us to have unfinished business with God, but for God to have unfinished business with us, that is quite another thing. When Jesus came into our world, He came to finish the work God the Father had given Him to do. It was a remarkable work, designed to rescue all humanity. That includes you.

It was on that first Good Friday, as Jesus hung crucified from the cross, that He said, "It is finished". On that day, man and devil had done their worst while God displayed His best in a completed work. The wrath of God was spent as Jesus paid the wages of our sin, enduring the cross until all was sufficiently done to end hostility between God and man and offer a reconciling hand.

On that first Easter Friday, condemnation gave way to a gracious forgiveness.

At the end of that day, there was no unfinished business for God and by the end of that first Easter Sunday, Jesus' resurrection ended hopelessness with the promise of a full and eternal life. In this world there's always unfinished business, but for anyone who puts their trust in the finished work of Jesus there is no unfinished business with God.

Have you put your trust in Jesus Christ? That is the big Easter question.

If not, then you must understand that God still has unfinished business with you. And that is concerning. Please contact your local Christian church and let them talk with you further about the Easter truths of God's great love for you, expressed in Christ.

Have a great and safe Easter.

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