A little nudge

By Karl Faase

Celeb buzz

Is it right that celebs like Justin Bieber have become role models?

Justin Bieber

Entertainment news is overly featured according to 74% of Australian journalists surveyed by Roy Morgan way back in 2004 and 78% agreed this was done to boost circulation/ratings.

Some who publish 'celeb buzz' say this gives us something to talk about other than the weather, and give us opportunity to discuss social issues like divorce, drug use and parenthood.

Critics counter that this focus on the appearance and lifestyles of celebrities is damaging everything from body image to the general 'dumbing down' of the community.

The danger is that celebrities (and their on-screen roles) can become our highest role models. We obtain our entertainment and values from their lives and behaviour. We can be fooled into thinking that a revolving door of relationships, endless partying and self-obsessed living is justified.

We need a model of what we were created to be – someone who gives us positive values and life enhancing behaviour. Two thousand years ago Jesus, God the Son, came to be born as a man, to show us who God is and what His design is for our lives. Why not take some time to read the New Testament and find out how Jesus demonstrated God's design for us?

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