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Foxes migrated on ice bridges


Researchers, led by scientists at Durham University, UK, say arctic foxes migrated to Iceland across bridges of sea ice during the Little Ice Age. That was in fairly recent historical times between 200 and 500 years ago.

Temperatures dropped across much of Europe and North America during the Little Ice Age. Rivers like the Thames through London often froze in winter and were popular for ice skating.

Foxes had also crossed on sea ice in the distant past during the previous (post-Flood) ice age many thousands of years ago. Warming temperatures and melting ice bridges isolated the foxes until new sea ice joined the island during the Little Ice Age, when a new population of animals migrated.

This can help us understand how some animal populations could have dispersed from Noah's Ark in the Middle East. The formation of ice bridges during the post-Flood Ice Age about 4,000 years ago provides another plausible mechanism.

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