Myths about Heaven

By Martin Duffield

Do people become angels?


This belief is held by many, but Jesus Christ dispelled this myth 2000 years ago when He was asked about marriage in the after-life by religious Sadducees.

Jesus explained that everyone would be single permanently, "like the angels" are. He did not say we 'become angels'. We will only share in their "singleness" in Heaven and beyond. For those humans who enter Heaven and marriage no longer exists, but we remain truly human forever and they remain angels.

Secondly, we are not destined to remain as spirits in Heaven. We do not 'morph' into angels as a kind of reward for being 'really good', instead we are destined to become physical again in an event called 'the resurrection' at the end of this present history.

The Bible says that those who have trusted in Jesus before He comes again are destined to "inherit" everlasting life in God's presence on a "new Earth" in resurrected bodies (see Revelation 21, verse 3). As Jesus said in Matthew chapter 5: "Blessed are the meek [i.e. those submitted to God], for they shall inherit the Earth."

Lastly, the idea that imperfect people get rewarded with 'promotion' to being angels is impossible. Angels are perfectly pure' and totally obedient to God, which is why they can stand in God's presence.

Humans, even the best of them, are obviously imperfect. If you measure yourself against God's true standard of perfection, you will see that you simply do not measure up. According to God, "All have sinned and fallen short of God's glory [His perfection]" (see Romans 3:23). Those 'sins' are defined by the Ten Commandments and Jesus applied them even to our thought and speech (actually motives too). This perfect standard forces us to say, "I am no angel, you know."

Well, given that, how is it that you and I can actually become acceptable enough to God to enter Heaven and dwell among the perfect angels with a perfect God?

Those violations of God's Law can be paid for on your behalf by Jesus Christ in the Cross of Easter as the full price or penalty-payment. Just as one person can pay another's fine so that they escape punishment, Christ died 'once for all'.

God will forgive all your violations of His commandments if you will accept His sacrifice for you by faith and turn from disobedience to Him and His Laws. You will then be accepted as 'righteous' and be as pleasing to Him as any angel now in Heaven.

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