By B. Winters And B. Larsen

Laws of logic point to the supernatural

One of the primary principles of logic is the law of non-contradiction, meaning no statement can be both true and not true at the same time. For example, you cannot be reading this article and not reading it at the same time and in the same way.

We refer to this non-contradictory thought process as a law because it is universal and unchanging. If a person were to call a contradiction "logical" as the result of a brain mutation (i.e., a change in brain matter), we would conclude they were nuts!

Ironically, atheists who argue that there are contradictions in the Bible do so without good reasons as to why the law of non-contradiction exists.

If one argued, "I can account for the laws of logic – they are observed to be true and accepted by the majority of people as being true" – this is still begging the question as to why they exist. What is to stop the majority of a people from another group or culture saying that they do not accept the law of non-contradiction? And to claim Darwinian evolution is true means our thought processes can change as they result from changing brain matter.

Yet this is simply not the case with the unchanging logical thought processes seen in human experience.

There is a better explanation for unchanging logic. Although material things may change, things like absolute truth and laws of logic are universal, immaterial, and unchanging – they are transcendent beyond our minds and beyond our existence. Likewise God is universal, immaterial, and unchanging – the transcendent God of all Creation.

Logic means that things have order. Order cannot come from chaos. It is unchanging so it cannot evolve. The best possible answer for the existence of logic is that God exists.