A little nudge

By Karl Faase

Make friendships and character a priority

tug of war

We live in a community that loves to grow. We want to expand our wealth, our families, our travel, and our possessions. There is nothing wrong with growth but the problem is that we often choose the wrong areas to grow. Can I encourage you to consider your choices in four areas?

Firstly, grow your friendships not your diaries. Life is not just about being busy, but having others to share it with.

Secondly, grow your character not your experiences. Those activities done for the buzz they deliver may be just self-indulgence.

Thirdly, grow your discipline not your options. Discipline is about choosing between the good and the best, not just multiplying options.

Fourthly, grow your discipleship not your scholarship. Discipleship is living in a way that pleases God. Scholarship can simply be finding out about God. Christian faith is not just about what you know but rather how you live.

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