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By Darryl Budge

Control presentations from a mobile device

ANDROID OR WINDOWS PHONE: The Microsoft apps "Office Remote for Android" and "Office Remote" for Windows Phone allow users to remotely control a Microsoft Office 2013 presentation, read speaker notes and have a virtual 'laser-pointer' in the palm of their hand.

A presenter can play and pause embedded media, view slide thumbnails and a presentation timer. The same app also remotely controls Excel and Word files, enabling a presenter to scroll, zoom and switch between Excel worksheets and document headings and comments. It can also toggle Excel spreadsheet filters and slicers, and jump between named objects.



A phone or tablet with Android OS version 4.0.3 or newer, or Windows Phone 8 or 8.1.


A Bluetooth-enabled PC. If your computer lacks Bluetooth consider purchasing a Bluetooth USB adaptor (under $10 on EBay).


Office 2013 installed. Office 2013 RT or any other Office version are not supported.



Install the Microsoft app "Office Remote for Android" from the Play store, or "Office Remote" from Windows Phone Store.


Install the desktop add-in for Office Remote on your PC via the Microsoft website:


Pair your mobile device to your PC via Bluetooth. Instructions are available via the 'Visit Website' link in the app's details on the Google Play store. Or search for "Office Remote".


For full functionality, Office files must be granted 'edit' access rather than 'read only'.

APPLE iOS DEVICES: Apple users who want to remote control Keynote on their Mac or iOS device can use the Keynote iOS app (either pre-installed for free or a $10 444MB download on older devices). Keynote's remote control ability can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. To learn how to enable remote control on Apple devices search on for "how to use keynote remote".

OTHER REMOTE CONTROL OPTIONS: If you don't have Office 2013 or Keynote, there are many other free 'remote control' apps that will control and display your PC screen on your mobile device, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Search the relevant app store for "office remote" or "presentation remote". Or try a multi-platform 'meta-search' engine like, which will direct you to the relevant official app store.

Please note: Never download an app from an unofficial or third-party app store, as these are likely to maliciously harvest your private data, especially so in pirated or 'cracked' versions of paid apps.

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