Is it just coincidence?


What do we say to those one-in-a-million chance events? Is it coincidence or is there something deeper?

We know, of course, that if there is a one-in-a-million chance of it happening – it can happen! There are, however, so many events which defy probability. One day, when driving along a country road, I decided to drop by the place of a widowed friend who I had not seen in a long time. As she invited me in she thanked me for coming and asked, "How did you know it was today? On this very day six years ago my husband died." I had no idea!

Each of us can probably think back to events that defy probability. While some may just see these things as 'lucky' coincidences, I believe many of them are 'God – incidences'. Whether we believe it or not, God works in mysterious ways to draw us to Himself. He is not a distant, disinterested spiritual force, instead, God is loving and personal. Take careful note of subtle ways God is trying to get your attention. Do not shrug it off as coincidence – look for God-incidences.

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