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Chalk it up to the Flood and its algal blooms

jar with water
TOLEDO, OHIO - AUGUST 4 2014: A jar with water collected from Lake Erie.

A satellite photograph published by the University of Michigan, shows green pollution in Lake Erie, which they describe as the worst algal bloom in the lake in decades.*

In the 1950s, algal blooms were common due to high levels of phosphorus from farms, sewage, and industry. The phosphorus-rich nutrients promoted the bloom, but improved environmental practices in the 1970s reduced their occurrence. However, high phosphorus levels have returned, promoting a giant bloom in 2011.

Algae blooms kill fish, clog harbours, and are sometimes poisonous to people. They absorb the oxygen in the water creating dead zones where marine life cannot survive. They can appear very quickly—i.e. within just a few days.

Half way through Noah's global Flood, conditions emerged that were conducive to algal blooms. The warm water, rotting vegetation, and decomposing animals produced the necessary nutrients for enormous blooms, which left their record as the vast chalk deposits found across the earth. It all happened quickly, contrary to the supposed millions of years of diatomaceous accumulation. (See

* Climate change likely to increase Lake Erie algae blooms and 'dead zones', U-M ecologist says, University of Michigan News Service, 11 September 2012.

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