Walking wounded can be healed

Peace and healing can be found, says former radio celebrity

Clint Davis
Clint Davis

As a former radio presenter to 3.5 million South Africans Clint Davis has long understood that people share the same concern on where peace can be found.

"Some seek peace in yoga, but whatever it is – we are seeking peace – about this life, about our circumstances, our governance of our lives and what comes after this life," says Clint Davis, who recently filled-in on community radio in Australia.

Clint says he was walking wounded because he did not know the love of his father.

"My parents were church goers, but my stepfather was quite abusive physically and emotionally," he remembers.

As he was raised in church, at age six, Clint says, "I remember committing my life to the Lord (Jesus)" but as he looked at his stepfather's lifestyle he adds, "It was easy for me to hold very loosely to what a Christian life looked like".

After graduating from a Bible school in 2004 Clint became even more disillusioned about God and Christianity.

"What I had seen on stage from some preachers at my church was not what I had seen behind the scenes," he recalls sadly.

As he departed from his religious heritage Clint found success at a music-focused Johannesburg radio station, a place where no one ever talked about God.

“My stepfather was abusive physically and emotionally”"If anybody is to know what commercial radio is like, look at the celebrities of today, and you will know how easy it is to be caught up in that world."

He says he was drifting, "as I was invited to 'celebrity events'" and caught up in "celebrity-ism", the hedonistic pursuit of fame and popularity.

"For six years I was speaking to about 3.5 million listeners every day, doing all kinds of shows, fill-in roles, all sorts of stuff," Clint says, recalling that he loved the rush of filling in on live TV as well.

Then Clint met a beautiful charming woman and his life was turned upside down.

"I met my wife in the celebrity world. We felt that if we were heading towards marriage for real then we had to get into church."

Since they had seen broken lives and marriages where God was absent, they decided to pursue God for real and not attend church just for the social aspect.

"We sat on the back row as I wanted to be there for God and really rediscover Him," he says.

Clint and his wife then pursued freelance media work in Dubai for six years from 2009 and became involved in a church there.

"We worked in the entertainment industry as freelancers, my wife often sharing the stage with 'A list Celebrities'. Freelancing took a lot of faith for provision and taught me about our heavenly Father's heart.

"We started ministering into the different nationalities in that church and into other nations, and for the last two years I worked on staff at the church we attended."

However, that fatherhood wound remained.

In counselling many others about fatherhood Clint recalls that God challenged him in an area he had not dealt with: "How do I relate to God as Father?"

With the desire to "understand the heart of the father" and tell his biological father how Jesus had changed his life Clint says they connected over social media for several months.

"The months of difficult discussion was tough, emotionally draining. I met up with him when I was last in South Africa.

"Without dishonouring my father in any way, I felt God saying to me, 'You see now that I've been your Dad the whole time – I've guided and lead you. That might sound 'flakey' but that is the truth."

Clint believes that the way people experience fatherhood often taints their view of God, our heavenly Father.

In those years where he believed God was absent, due to his father's earlier absence, Clint affirms that God had never left him alone.

"If our heart is breaking around the subject of fatherhood, I believe we need to understand that the trinity of God is one in nature. God the Holy Spirit is here with us [speaking to us], and if we trust in Jesus the Holy Spirit is in us. The Holy Spirit carries the same father nature, as does God the Son."

Now as he works in community radio in Australia, guest lectures at an Australian Bible college, teaches in a local church, Clint says he enjoys sharing the good news about Jesus everywhere.

"God has given me a gift to explain complicated things in a simple way. I never used that when I was on commercial radio, but God did a 180 degree switch on these things when I gave it to him."

While some see Jesus as one of the answers to a weakness or hole in our life Clint says that "Jesus is everything".

Now we live in a broken world, Clint says, because we chose to be separated from His perfection, but Jesus has provided for us to have peace with God.

"Imagine I gave you a million dollars but until you go and draw that money out of the ATM you don't have it. In the same way, Christ died for all, but until you accept that free gift you don't have it.

"Once you do give Him governance over your life, a good God who only brings good things to His children and governance over your future, you will have His peace about where you'll be for eternity in heaven in God's Kingdom."

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