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BY Darryl Budge

Australian music streaming services

Many companies are competing for your music spend, with a going price of around $12 per month. The only free track-on-demand service is Spotify, plus the web-only interface of If you are happy with ad-supported free playlist streaming, try Pandora, iHeartRadio and Rdio. If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, try the free "Milk Music" radio app, or on a Nokia Mobile try the free "Nokia MixMusic" radio app (both can be purchased via other devices).

Music streaming service (ordered alphabetically) Free streaming or Trial period Specific features
(all services are Android/iOS/Web compatible)
Basic/Premium Price
(per month)
Apple Music Three-month trial 30m tracks, live worldwide radio station, artist-centric social network, requires iOS 8.4, Android app 'coming soon' $12 or $18 per family
Deezer Ad supported (after 12 mths, 2 hour monthly limit) 30m tracks, pre-release album streaming, auto Facebook sharing, WinPhone, Windows, Blackberry, plus many unusual platforms. $12
Google Play Music All Access 30-day trial 20m tracks, upload for free your own music collection to stream (50k max), off-line caching $12
Guvera Video-ad supported 10m tracks, guest-curated playlists, off-line caching $12
iHeartRadio Free 15m tracks, artist/song based playlists, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, Sonos and Xbox. -
iTunes Radio Ad supported (6 skips per hour) Easy purchasing of tracks, subscription includes iTunes Match for cloud storage of your music $35/year
JB Hi-Fi Now 10-day trial 18m tracks, offline caching, Windows Phone, Airplay and Sonos compatible. $6.67 for web or $8.25 for mobile
Pandora (Radio) Ad supported (max skips & timeouts apply) Select artist you like, get instant 'station' of similar music. Compatible with many platforms, see US$5 per mth or US$55 per year for ad-free
Rara $3 for 3mths on web, or $9 for 3 mths mobile 22m tracks, Special playlists by London-based curators. $8 for web or
$13 for mobile
Rdio Ad supported More independent & eclectic music, offline caching. Compatible with WinPhone and Kindle Fire $6 (25 tracks offline) / $12 (unlimited cache)
Spotify Ad supported
(60-day trial until Oct 5, 2015
20m tracks, Facebook & integration for music discovery. Compatible with WinPhone, Blackberry, Sonos, Playstation. PC can be controlled via 'Spotify Connect' mobile app. $12 / $30 per family
Tidal (Jay-Z
No trials as it is artist controlled Curated playlists by Jay-Z, Beyonce and Cold Play. High quality 16-bit FLAC 1411 Kbps available. $12 for 320Kbps quality or
$24 for FLAC
Groove Music Pass (formerly Xbox Music) 30-day trial 30m tracks, sync your library to OneDrive, stream via Xbox/web/ Windows app, downloading to 4 devices, FLAC available $12 per mth / $120/year
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