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Christian good

Out of the overflow of love for God and in obedience to His commands, Christians have laid a strong foundation of care and compassion, bringing about significant social change and advocacy in our Western society. While the word "Christian" conjures up negative images and thoughts for some people, it is important to reflect on the many positive things that characterise the true nature of God and His Word, the Bible.

Healthcare and education

In-patient medical care in a hospital as we consider it today was a 4th Century invention driven by Christian mercy and Eastern Orthodox (Byzantine) innovation (Source: McClellan & Dorn, 2006, Science and Technology in World History: An Introduction).

Today, Christian-based churches (protestant and Catholic) operate the lion's share of healthcare and education in the world, working especially in some of the poorest countries where there is no other care available. While Physician Thomas Percival, a zealous social reformer, drew up the first professional code of ethics in the 18th century. From that time Christian thought has shaped much of the modern profession's ethical conduct, promoting personal integrity, truthfulness and honesty within the field of medicine.

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights

In 1948 the UN put forward the declaration of human rights. These rights were so clearly based on Christian principles that some Muslim states objected and refused to sign on that basis because it conflicted with Sharia law. Karl Marx also acknowledged, and rejected, human rights as a product of Christianity. Well-known atheist Jurgen Habermas stated that, "the individual morality of conscience, human rights and democracy, is the direct legacy of the Judaic ethic of justice and the Christian ethic of love."

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