Create new festive traditions

What do you and your family do every year for Christmas?

festive traditions

Here are 10 creative ideas you might consider adding to your special festive traditions.


Avoid the crowds and the heat by heading down to the beach early on Christmas day to watch the sunrise and have breakfast together.


Rather than buying expensive gifts for everyone, consider introducing a "Chinese Auction". Each person buys and wraps three $10 gifts. Gifts are put in the middle and each person picks out three in the pile to unwrap as well as three numbers drawn from a hat. Each person advertises their revealed gifts to the group then the drawn numbers determine the order of people as each takes turns swapping gifts. Provides lots of fun and laughs!


Have a baking day or craft day where everyone gets together to make cookies, Christmas treats and decorations. Consider taking some of the treats over to neighbours and those who could use some extra love!


Make a flask of hot chocolate or cool sweet tea and take a night drive around to see the Christmas lights.


Go camping and sing Christmas carols around a campfire.


Start a Christmas or New Year Diary. Write a short summary of the year, what you are planning to do for Christmas and your hopes for the New Year.


The night before Christmas, write a letter to each of your little children telling them what your favourite memories of them for the year are and what you love about them. Make this into a book with photos when they are older and present it to them when they turn 18 or 21.


Take your children to the shops and let them buy a small present with their money for another child in need and put it under the big Christmas tree at the shops.


Let your children dress as nativity characters for a Christmas church service.


The first night after decorating your Christmas tree, have the whole family sleep around it with the magic of falling asleep with the Christmas tree lights on.

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