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By Darryl Budge

Free up phone space with cloud backup apps

Through Christmas and holidays mobile devices can store 1000's of snaps and videos for sharing with others. If you are running out of space I recommend installing one of these free apps to auto-backup your photos and videos to the cloud. They will not delete your files if you neglect to use your account either.


Flickr by Yahoo (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, or web): The free Flickr app is unique due to the optional social experience of the Flickr community if you choose to publicly share your photos and videos. The mobile app will auto upload your media, entirely uncompressed, to a private space with a free storage limit of 1000GB (1TB). The service is available from a web browser at

google photos

Google Photos (iOS, Android or web): Featuring powerful image recognition and search, Google Photos offers uploading and editing of an unlimited number of photos and videos in high quality (16MP pics, 1080P videos, stored with minor compression techniques). Alternatively, the original uncompressed resolution can be stored using your free 15GB, or go to to purchase more space. Go to to browse your memories from your computer.

Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive are two other free options, but as of 2016 OneDrive joins iCloud in offering just 5GB of perpetual free storage (was 15GB).

Support Aussie businesses and find quirky gifts without killing your feet For specific-celebration gifts, home & garden, fashion, jewellery and clothes, this Sydney-based small business supports "cottage industries" and independent studies, and provides a "personal maker-to-customer shopping experience". This Melbourne based online store aims to sell "Australia's coolest gifts, gadgets, toys and games." For gifts "outside the box" go to Perth-based online retailer LatestBuy launched in 2003 to sell the "good, fun, smart and latest stuff". They sell things with "an interesting twist and generally hard to find in Australia". "From unique homewares to quirky gadgets and fun toys, there really is something for everyone. We consider ourselves the curators of cool!" Gyrofish is based in Caringbah, NSW. Melbourne-based Urban Attitude claim they have "the world's most unique combination of exciting new homewares, books and accessories that are quirky, cool and sometimes down-right outrageous." Jaycar offers a wide variety of electronic gizmos and component parts. They have all manner of gadgets, especially items for electronic, sound, security, automotive and outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists. (USA): This Virginia-based online store offers geeky toys, gadgets, apparel and outdoor gear. They rate a mention because they have great merchandise for fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, among many others.

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