A Little Nudge

By Karl Faase

Objective measure of our worth

Have you ever wondered why our society is so competitive? There are championship events held on almost everything.

From sport to sales, the arts and even board games. Why are we so focused on competition? For many, it is a means of entertainment and interest but for most it's about having an objective measure of our worth.

We don't want to know if we are good, we want to know whether we are better.

Pride is not based on being wealthy, talented or attractive. It is based on being wealthier, more talented and better looking.

At its heart, pride is based on competition.

The problem with competition is that it separates us from other people. It is hard to be close to those you are competing with for, worth and position.

This is why Jesus' words are so important for our society. If we want to be first, you should be last and the servant of all.

Our worth is found in the fact that we are loved – loved by God.

No amount of competition will change that.

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