By Kandima Awendila

Finding rest in times of pain


No one is immune to suffering in this world. We will all go through some form of pain or suffering at any point in our lives. A life cut short because of a deadly disease, motoring accidents or when a natural disaster strikes, depression, unemployment, broken relationships and the list could go on. It is a well-known fact that pain is a part of life.

The way people respond in such difficult circumstances differs from one person to another. Some people’s response is to question the existence of God and use the difficult circumstance as “proof” to conclude that God does not exist - if God truly exists, then why would He allow us to suffer?

Some respond with anger towards God and distance themselves from Him, while others may even draw closer to God. As we battle through our emotions, the question we most often want answered is - why?

One of the most painful experiences anyone could ever go through is the loss of a loved one. I lost my parents some years ago. No words could ever express the pain my family and I went through. It was a tough time and I miss them dearly.

I still fi nd myself questioning why God allowed this to happen. Was it something that I did or did not do? Could I have prevented this from happening? Will I ever come to understand the reasoning?

I recently read a booklet published by RBC ministries that talks about a man in the bible called Job, who feared God and shunned evil.

Job faced a great trial when he lost his family, his property and even his health (see Job chapters 1- 3). Job suffered immensely and he had many questions for God. What I find admirable about Job is that he still affirmed and had faith in God. He drew closer to God and even praised Him through his suffering (Job 1 verse 21).

I like what Bill Crowder goes on to state in this booklet. He writes: “Without explaining the mystery or reconciling the pain, God (as Creator of the Universe) reminded Job that His power and wisdom were infinitely beyond Job’s. The solution to suffering and the doubts it raises is not found in argument. It is found in learning to rest in God’s undeserved love and to trust in His power - even when the suffering is mysterious and overwhelming.”

Will I ever get answers to my questions?

I may not fully understand the reasons for whatever struggles I go through, but I now find it comforting to know that God has a much bigger picture of my life and a better understanding of who I am. I should let God be God. He has profound wisdom. He is present even during those times when it may appear like he is not and he understands the pain I may be going through.

He can use my sufferings to teach me, mold me into a better person and in turn to bless others. What I need to do is learn to trust Him and I will find rest in His abounding love, mercy and grace.

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