By Colin Lane

Soul searching

dog in boots

I own a nice pair of brown leather shoes. I have been wearing them for two years and they are still in pretty good condition. They look good – there are no marks, scratches or tears in the leather. I have kept them in decent condition, looking after them as best I can.

Despite this, if I wear them outside on a wet day I have a problem. You see, there is a hole in the sole of the right shoe, so my sock on that foot gets wet very quickly. If that shoe's purpose is to protect my feet from the cold, wet and sharp objects, it is a failure, no matter how good it looks on the outside.

I have got two options: I can either throw the shoe away and replace them with another pair or take the damaged shoe to a shoe repairer and have the sole fixed or replaced. For the shoe to do its job, it needs to be restored to something like new. As I was thinking about my holey sole, I also thought about my holy soul, and the same parallels.

To all appearances, we can look good on the outside. We can seem like we have got it all together and are in good condition. But if we examine our souls carefully it can be a different story; we may be broken or have a metaphoric 'hole' in our lives, rather than being 'whole'. Then who we are and the purpose we serve are compromised or corrupted.

What are the options? Sadly, many people choose to throw themselves on the scrapheap. They feel like they are no good for anything, like they have no sense of purpose, like they are unrepairable.

The Bible speaks about a repairer who can restore the most broken vessel to its original purpose; in fact he can restore it to even better condition than new. This repairer's name is Jesus; when we place ourselves in the hands of Jesus, he repairs our holes and makes us whole.

Perhaps you look good to the outside world, but you have got 'wet socks'. Perhaps there are holes in your life that no-one can see. Perhaps your soul is dirty or damaged or you are not who you could be or should be. Consider Jesus. He can make all things new.

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