A different cereal each day for fourteen years!

Wikipedia informs us that the number of different types of breakfast cereals in the U.S. has grown from 160 (1970) to 340 (1998) to 4,945 (2012)

Don't you just love the TV ads for breakfast cereal? There they are, scrubbed and smiling, tucking into their breakfast at a prettily set table and playing happy families. I often think it's a pity the cereal doesn't automatically produce those results! The real thing is usually a lot harder to come by.

Family meal times are worth fighting for – FOR, that is, not AT! This is a chance to reform community as we catch up on news and get to know each other afresh. It's a time for healing, as we listen and understand; and a time for learning how to do that. Parents' reprimands and siblings' quarrels belong at another place and time.

Meal times are for nourishing both body and soul, so HOW we eat is perhaps every bit as important as WHAT we eat. Here is our family's free translation of a wise saying: "Better a stale jam sandwich where there is love, than two Big-Macs and a Pizza-Supreme with quarrels and hate." (The real version is in the Bible book of Proverbs chapter 15, verse 17.)

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