Guilty plea led to inner change

Kelly Dieke
“I have peace, love and true joy,” says Kelly Dieke

After being chased away from her uncle's home at age 15, Kelly Dieke believed stealing was the only way for her to survive until God showed her the power of faith.

"My life was very hard, because I grew up without my parents," Kelly begins.

Although her uncle's family took her in, her young relatives tried to abuse her when they came home drunk on weekends.

She was pregnant at 17 but when a ten year relationship ended Kelly was left to raise two children alone. The small jobs she had did not provide enough food and clothing for them.

"I was still stealing for my kids' sake to buy them clothes and food, and so that they could go to school."

After a time Kelly was imprisoned in Sun City Prison for theft and this punishment caused her to re-examine her life.

"I asked myself, 'What kind of life do I want to live?', and I realized that I have kids that need me, so I have to be a good role model for them. I knew I had to change my life and search for God."

Kelly began visiting the Christian meetings in prison where she met the spiritual workers Gwen and Rose.

"After listening to Gwen and Rose's teaching about the Bible I decided to become a Christian," she says.

"I confessed my sins and believed that when Jesus died on the cross He took the punishment for my sins. As God the Holy Spirit began living in me, I knew inwardly that I am now a Christian."

Kelly says that God changed her way of life significantly after this decision.

"God changed the way I dressed and how I spoke to other people. I now have respect for other people. I lack nothing. I have everything I need: peace, love and true joy," she explains.

"God told me in His Word that to 'ask [Him], and you will receive' (see Matthew 7:7) and 'you do not have because you do not ask' (see James 4:2-3). If I don't have, I have to be patient because good things comes to those who wait."

One example of God's provision, Kelly says, happened when she found out her bail was set at US$1,500.

"I didn't have that money. I lost hope. There was no one who could help me," Kelly recalls.

"I had a small New Testament Bible with me. I asked myself, 'What am I going to do?'

"I started reading the Bible from the start until the end. I started to pray, attended church and asked God, 'God, if you say love me, please show me the way out of this.'

"On the 25th of March 2015 at court, the magistrate told me the cost of my bail had been reduced to US$150. I still could not pay it.

"Then a policeman came and asked me, 'How much is your bail now?' I said the amount and that I did not have it. He then paid for my bail. God is good! Just believe and trust in Him."

Kelly encourages other prisoners to have faith in God because He is a loving Heavenly Father who offers eternal life to all who follow Jesus.

"First, you must read the Word of God and ask yourself 'What is God saying in the Bible?' Then you must take the first step of faith, because God is really alive and He loves us all very much. I am the living testimony of that," she adds.

"He will do miracles in your life! I am now a child of God."

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