Orphan finds missing love

Addelle Kayemba
Addelle Kayemba

Life as an orphan was tough for Addelle Kayemba who craved the love she never received as a child.

"It was very hard having no one to love me," Addelle says sadly.

She later married and had two children, but sadly life remained hard as her husband was abusive.

When he died in 2011, Addelle found herself in financial trouble and regretfully decided to obtain a credit card under a false identity.

"Life was very hard, providing for my two children and myself," she recalls.

"I went to collect a credit card at the bank and that's when I was caught for fraud."

Strangely, Addelle says coming to prison changed her life because it was there she discovered the love God had for her.

"I did not really think about God because in the orphanage the things of God were not really talked about. We did attend church, but God was not really talked about like I heard about Him in prison," she explains.

After being imprisoned, Addelle says she met God through the exceptional lives of the Christian prison guards and Christian prisoners.

"Pastor B and the Christian prison guards were very influential in speaking to me about Jesus and the life I would have in Him."

"Before I met Jesus, there were many times when He was there protecting me, but I did not realize it.

"After I heard about Jesus, I realized that He had been with me so many times. His love was displayed through the prisoners, Pastor B and the prison guards. This love was something I was missing and so dearly wanted."

Pastor B spoke with Addelle about how to become a Christian.

"I prayed a prayer for salvation with Pastor B," Addelle recalls, referring to how she asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive her of her wrong-doing and take control of her life.

"I now live and see life in a very different way. I feel so different within and worship Jesus now," she says.

"I though life was not worth living many times, but now I spend time learning about God from the Bible and attend church services in prison.

"If you really do believe in Jesus, anything is possible," she concludes.