Darkness and troubles overcome

Beauty Chisale
Beauty Chisale

Feeling hopeless about her future, Beauty Chisale allowed bad friends into her life that took her down a self-destructive path.

"I was stealing, smoking, taking drugs, sleeping around with bad people," Beauty admits. "I didn't know who I really was."

"I ended up being arrested," she adds, but then something happened. Fellow inmates told her about the God of the Universe, the Lord Jesus Christ, who took the punishment for her sins.

"In prison, I met my Lord Jesus Christ and when I surrendered to Him my life started changing to be a better person.

"I read verses in the Bible that speak about how much God loves me. God can forgive and change me, if only I put my trust in Him and let Him change me. I repented, turned away from all my sins to God and God cleansed me of all my sins.

"If I didn't have Jesus in my life I should be dead. Now I am a child of God. I know I am saved by the grace of God."

No longer self-centred, Beauty looks forward to "teaching the youth about God;" she says.

Because God has given her this love for others, Beauty says, "I now believe that my future is going forward. I always thank God for showing me the way to live my life. Even my family loves me so much now. There is a peace in my life. I love Jesus with all my heart.

"My life has been blessed", Beauty says since becoming a Christian, as she explains, "God always guides me the right way and He has always protected me and my family."

God has given her an ability to face troubles that she did not have before.

"God always shows me how to overcome troubles," she concludes. "He tells me not to worry, if I believe He is a living and loving God, so in all my troubles I know God is always there for me."

"God really took me out of the dark and showed me the light. I will praise Jesus for the rest of my life."

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