God’s protection

Orison Mukori only attended church to gain favour with his parents but now he says he cannot live without God's constant protection and mercy.

"Our children no longer have charms around their necks or wrists, because now I know that Jesus Christ is my everything. It was God who gave us our children, and He is the One who looks after them," Orison shares.

His parents had encouraged him to attend church as a child but after moving away from home, Orison began doing whatever his parents had not allowed him to, including drinking beer and going to nightclubs.

"After drinking too much beer I could spend weeks feeling sick," he recalls.

Orison stopped ancestral worship when he discovered God’s protectionIn two years Orison confesses he got married and divorced twice.

"As this kind of life had disappointed my parents, I thought of correcting my wrongs and began going back to church," he says.

Even as a member of the church, Orison continued to consult witchdoctors for protection charms to put on his children and did not trust fully in God.

That was until he attended an eight-day church seminar in 1984, where he heard what it actually meant to be a Christian.

"From the many preachers there, I discovered that according to the Bible, a Christian is someone who lives in a daily relationship with Jesus Christ, and it is much more than just being a Sunday church member," he explains.

After that seminar, Orison says he decided to put all his trust in Jesus as the King of his life and as his Saviour without turning to ancestral worship.

"From that day, I am living a happy life and my family is full of showers of blessing from our Mighty God. We are a family who love God," he says.

As he committed himself to obeying Jesus Christ and looking to Him for protection, Orison says he naturally stopped drinking beer and did not consult a witchdoctor ever again.

"We also stopped brewing beer ourselves or keeping pieces of cloth for our ancestors. We completely turn to God for our help now."

Since making that decision, Orison can testify that God does protect him and his family.

In 2000, he had a near fatal accident when he lost control of his 7 tonne truck while driving down a steep decline.

"It could have been a disaster but I praise God for His protection," Orison concludes thankfully.

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