Living for only one

Thabiso Mashmaite
Thabiso Mashmaite

Thabiso Mashmaite lived in constant fear of displeasing his ancestors until he realised there was only one person he should live to please.

As a child, Thabiso and his seven siblings only got to see his parents three times a year and this had a significant impact on the character he developed.

"Life felt unfair and I kept asking myself why, and what am I living for? I felt jealousy, hatred and discrimination and I had no care for other people. I was selfish and I always wanted good things for myself and not others," he admits.

Next door to Thabiso's house there was a church that would preach from the Bible about the good news of Jesus Christ and how to please God but although he sometimes attended, he did not believe a word they said.

Part of the problem was that he noticed some inconsistencies among some of the Christians, they did not live according to what they were preaching.

Thabiso was shocked to discover that both his parents had become Christians the next time he saw them.

"They started sharing about Jesus with me and my siblings. But, as I remembered the lives of the Christians at the crusades, I stubbornly refused to believe," he says.

"I always argued and debated with my parents. Then one day my parents held a series of weekend meetings at our home. At the end of every service they called for those who wanted to be saved to go forward, but I did not.

"On Sunday, when the meeting had just finished, a woman said to me, 'Take Jesus as your Saviour. Salvation is not about other people or for other people, but it's for you personally. It does not mean going to church, it means living for God."

"Her words encouraged me and I decided that day to confess my sin and trust that Jesus died for my sin on the cross. I took Jesus as my Saviour and asked Him to be King of my life."

This decision changed his life forever because receiving Jesus as his Saviour meant He now had the Holy Spirit living in him to help guide him.

"Jesus took away the jealousy, hatred and selfishness I had, and filled me with His love. Some of my selfish characteristics disappeared immediately, and others I asked God to take from me. Although it took time, God is ever faithful and He took away the bad things in me.

"My life is not the same as it was before I was saved. I was the last person in my family to accept Jesus, and I am so glad."

Knowing and living in the love of God, Thabiso now regularly tells others the good news of Jesus and is no longer concerned with his ancestors.

He concludes: "Now I am enjoying the salvation and a life that only God can bring as well as preaching His Word to those who do not yet know God's love and forgiveness."

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