Immediate joy

Sport was surpassed by God’s joy, says correctional officer

Skhosana Mongezi
Skhosana Mongezi

Correctional officer Skhosana Mongezi found strength to avoid dangerous temptations when he made God his first priority over sport and other commitments.

"I would dodge church to go to the soccer field," Skhosana recalls of his boyhood. "I had no zeal for the things of God until He touched my life."

When he was in grade nine that all changed: "I repented and got saved and developed a deep love for God. After that I loved being at church, singing and fellowshipping."

Unlike anything else he had known Skhonsana discovered that the more he pursued his relationship with God the more joy God gave him.

"Oh what a joy it is to be a born again child of God," he explains, "Because I immediately experienced that joy. My life changed greatly when I became a child of God."

This desire to "accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour" did not come from himself, he says, instead it was "because Jesus reached down and instilled in me His love".

"I believe that God graciously made me to be His child. As Jesus said: 'You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might bear [spiritual] fruit that will last' (John chapter 15, verse 16).

Skhosana says the way he lives, behaves and talks was "changed by the message of the gospel."

The message about Jesus Christ so changed Skhosana's heart that it "gave me a love for God and for other people. I developed a love for preaching this gospel to others, so that they would know the love of God."

In many temptations in his life, Skhosana gladly shares that "God has given me strength to overcome them."

"The Bible says in 1 Corinthians chapter 10, verse 13, '[God] will not allow us (who trust in Him) to be tempted beyond what we can handle.'

"I have avoided sexual immorality despite women who have said they 'love' me. God's commands are easy to obey if you love God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul."

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