Escaped the snare of addiction

Dlozi Tebogo Majozi
Dlozi Tebogo Majozi

Receiving anything he wanted from his grandfather and aunt growing up, Dlozi Tebogo Majozi turned to drugs after his uncle laid false accusations against him.

"My uncle took money off my grandfather and said it was me who took the money," Dlozi says. "My grandfather was very cross with me."

Although he prayed to ancestors and performed ceremonial rituals to them, Dlozi found they did not help his situation. He assumed his ancestors had abandoned him and turned to drugs as an escape instead.

"I was addicted to drugs," Dlozi says of his life before he knew Jesus Christ.

"I didn't even try to control myself. I was in a big predicament. Drugs were controlling my life and I didn't know what I must do."

After losing his job he started a successful hair salon but because of his continual need of drugs the salon closed. He found work at television companies in Ubambo Iwami but no earthly success could stop him from smoking drugs.

"My life was a mess," he says.

This drug addiction was costing Dlozi up to R4000 per day and as a result he turned to robbery and was soon sentenced to prison.

"Because I wanted to smoke a lot, I ended up in prison, sentenced to 18 years. Even here in prison I was smoking a lot. It was hard for me, as I didn't want to do anything but kill myself.

"I was alone, with no one to help me. Even consulting a Sangoma or a prophet had not helped me. I was washed with the blood of goats and chickens but that did not help me."

Feeling hopeless and helpless and only death to look forward to Dlozi decided he wanted to know the God who created him.

"I heard that Jesus can help me in my situation and He could rescue me from my sin and wash me clean despite everything I had done," he says.

A friend shared with Dlozi how Jesus could rescue him, not just from drugs, but from the penalty of his rebellion against God: being sentenced to hell forever.

Dlozi's friend explained that the God who made the universe will hold everyone responsible for the wrong things they have done. However, Jesus took the punishment he deserved when he died on a cross 2000 years ago. By trusting in Jesus' sacrifice and asking for His forgiveness, any person can enter into a personal relationship with Jesus and be with Him forever in heaven.

"My friend saw that I didn't have a way out of my sin, so he prompted me to turn to Jesus Christ. I took that decision to take Jesus as Lord and Saviour of my life."

Since receiving forgiveness through Jesus, Dlozi testifies that God truly changed his life.

"Indeed, Jesus cleansed me from my sin. He changed me, and took away my addiction to drugs and desire to worship ancestors. I now live to praise the name of Jesus."

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