No ordinary miracle

Mother and school chaplain has eternal hope

Jenny Palandri
Jenny Palandri

There is no dramatic rescue from addiction, abuse, a life of crime, or a teenage rebellion in Jenny Palandri's life, but her journey to God's forgiveness is no less miraculous.

"My life," Jenny says, "is a story about God's love for everyone and His plan to save us all. We all need saving. There is a gap between all of us and God. A gap which only Jesus can bridge."

Jenny recalls realising this gap existed between her and God as a girl.

"In the Bible in Romans chapter 3, verse 23, it says '...all have sinned (broken God's law) and fall short of the glory of God.'

"That is what I realised as a 10-year-old girl. I cannot imagine living without Jesus in my life."

Jenny still recalls feeling at that time like the visiting speaker at a special church celebration was speaking just to her.

"The speaker talked about how God loved me so much but there was a gap between me and God, which I couldn't get over. He said Jesus had made a bridge over this gap and if I trusted in Jesus I could cross the gap and be God's child.

"That day, I told Jesus that I trusted in Him and wanted Him to be in my life. I asked Him to forgive me for the things I had done which made God sad and to help me to change the way I lived."

Since that decision over 40 years ago, Jenny affirms that "I have always known that God loves me and Jesus has been with me every day."

As she had been taught about Jesus and God from a very young age, Jenny is grateful to have been able to do the same with her two daughters, and in her role as a primary school chaplain she encourages both the emotional and spiritual well-being of the students in the schools where she works.

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