Trustworthy to remove addictions

Belinda found freedom when she gave everything to God

Smoking, drugs and alcohol disappeared from Belinda Mhlanga's life when she trusted the God who had changed her sister's life.

Presently a prisoner due to theft and prostitution, Belinda recalls she used to trust in her local witchdoctor until she realised that, no matter how much money he took, there were only broken promises.

Disheartened, Belinda say, "Through my sister, I learnt about Jesus, the God who created the universe. I didn't really want to go to church, but she kept asking me to attend with her."

Belinda reluctantly accepted her sister's offer because she wanted to stop smoking and doing drugs.

"I knew that taking drugs was the wrong thing to do," Belinda says, referring to their destructive effects.

However, instead of following Jesus' plan for her life, Belinda chose to go her own way and steal from people. This selfish lifestyle eventually resulted in a prison sentence.

Disappointed about where her destructive lifestyle had lead her, Belinda was amazed to discover in prison that Jesus not only has the power to forgive people who turn to Him but He can also help them triumph over temptations.

"When I came to prison I finally saw God's love for me. I was lonely. I had no one but Him to seek," she says.

With a lot of time to think about things alone in her cell, Belinda says she finally understood that life with Jesus was much better than a selfish life without him.

"It was then that I confessed my sins and surrendered control of my life over to Jesus," she says.

"I trusted Him as Lord over my live and my Saviour who took the punishment for my sins."

After Jesus took control of her life, Belinda say she no longer had a desire to smoke, drink, steal or prostitute herself for money.

"I don't want to let God down," she explains. "God is everything to me and I am always praising God.

"I went from a lonely single prison cell to a group cell with other women, many of whom have helped me grow in my faith in Jesus Christ."

Giving up her desires, sins and past regrets to chase after the things that God wanted for her, has brought peace, hope and freedom into her life.

Belinda realised this was so much better than the plans she had for herself and is now free from the addictions that once controlled her.

"I came to God with everything," she shares, "Now I am waiting for Jesus to show me His direction for my life. I know He created me to do something. I am just waiting for Him to reveal His good plan for my life."

Now she wants to tell others the important lesson she learnt, "If you will trust in Jesus alone and not in man-made religion, your life will

be eternally changed by God and His love for you."

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