Contentment found in prison

Lesege Ramosepele
Lesege Ramosepele

Despite being raised in a well-off family, Lesege Ramosepele felt such a lack of love that bitterness overcame her and led to her imprisonment in Johannesburg Central Prison.

"I was a bitter and angry person," Lesege admits. "There was no love in my well-off family. I was an alcoholic because I needed to drink every day."

In her marriage, Lesege admits she forced her husband to obey her demands. Ultimately, her husband ended up having affairs with other women.

"We did not seem like a couple. I played a heavy role. Two weeks after leaving he returned with two children from his affairs to have them live in the house with us. I accepted these children but it was difficult. I ended up becoming a drug trafficker to make ends meet, until I was arrested and imprisoned."

Locked up, with much time on her hands, Lesege recalls, "I had to decide whether to complain about prison or do something about it."

Realising she was her own worst enemy, Lesege looked for help outside of herself.

"I started praying and invited God into my life," she remembers.

"I have never been a staunch Bible reader. But I came across a Bible verse that says, 'I have plans for you, plans to prosper you' (from Jeremiah 29:11).

"That's when I realised that no matter my circumstances, God has a reason for me being here and for my life. So if He does have a plan for me, why do I not trust in Him?

"That's when I gave my life to Him."

Since trusting in Jesus Christ as her King and Saviour, Lesege says, "I have never been in need and I have positive friends who are a blessing to me."

Lesege also says; "I am more content with who I am".

"I enjoy my life because everything that worries me I offer it to my Lord, because I know He will never forsake me."

With that supernatural comfort from God, Lesege understands why He allowed her to go to prison.

"God brought me to prison that He could show me that all these negative things that I thought I needed are actually not a necessary part of my life. So I thank God on a daily basis."

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