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Goal-setting: a recipe for a great marriage

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Great communication is the bedrock of a marriage, and setting goals is essential to this.

Take time as a couple to uncover your dreams and identify your individual long-term goals. Then work out what your long-term goals as a couple are, such as how you want to be living several years from now. A long-term plan (e.g. "10 years from now") will help you set goals for each year, and how spending will be prioritised.

Perhaps one of you is employed but wants to stay home to care for your children. Evaluate what steps to take, and set goals from these steps. If the goal is the ability to live on one income, you may set short-term goals like paying off debts, increasing your pool of savings, or disposing of a vehicle or a house that is not aligned with your family's needs.

You could group long-term goals as follows: Values/Spirituality, Family and friends, Service towards others, and Career/Education/Skills. Financial goals could be grouped as: Giving, Spending/lifestyle, Saving/Investing, Debt and Other. After that, use the same headings to set out goals for this year that will take you to your long-term goals.

It is amazing how many couples go through their lives together without looking each other in the eye and discussing what is most important to them.

Writing down your goals and monitoring whether you are on track will demystify whether progress is being made. Written goals are motivational and improve your focus so that you can achieve your purpose.

As you share your goals, why not ask each other, "How can I help you succeed in reaching your goals?"

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