By Rick Lewers

Risks of skimpy thinking


Roadkill on the highway shows that no animal is immune from skimpy thinking: roos, rabbits, goats, sheep, emus, a steer, foxes and emus. Even those who feast upon roadkill become victims, as I saw the carcass of the once magnificent wedge-tailed eagle.

It is amazing the trouble that comes from skimping on thinking.The impulsive buy, the gambling preoccupations, rushing while ignoring consequences, reacting out of fear, or lingering where we should not.

Forgetting childhood lessons

We teach our children to think before moving because bad decisions in life do not discriminate. Old, young, male or female, Aussie or international – it does not matter which one you are – none are immune to the foolishness of thoughtless decisions and we all feel the consequences.

Look both ways before crossing

Mindful of this, we must as individuals and as a nation learn again to cross the road.

We need to apply our minds to the issues before us. The Bible makes clear that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God, the revering of God.

Personally, I am a thinking supporter of people and nations returning to God. Like a father teaching his child how to cross the road safely, God offers us guidance on how we can do the same with the mountain of issues that confront us as a nation, corporately and individually.

As a simple definition, 'wisdom is knowledge correctly applied.' God's wisdom correctly applied is the sure answer to crossing roads safely.

Of course, you may reject God as being the source of wisdom but He is worth a thought if you are not in too much of a rush to cross other roads.

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