Being the man

Being the popular “life of the party” takes you places, but maybe not where you expected, writes Aaron Thomson

Aaron Thomson

I would come home from parties having lied to girls so I could hook up with them and I'd go to my bed and I'd cry because I didn't understand why I was doing these things.

I guess what mattered most to me was being somebody that everybody would want to be friends with.

I invested all of my time in being a cool person, doing the kinds of things that cool people had to do, smoke whatever I had to smoke, drink whatever I had to drink, smash whatever I had to smash, so that people would say, "Aaron, you are the man".

Well I was riding along this high paced trail of popularity when the wheels fell off the lie I was riding upon.

I realised that although I had all these friends and all this popularity, it wasn't real. I was pouring all my energies into this life on the outside,  into how I looked and who I thought I saw when I looked in the mirror. I discovered it was the inner man on the inside where I had a lot of questions with no answers!

Despite all of the laughs and being the "life of the party", on the inside I was sad.

Soon after I arrived at University, my life was in a mess, I started going down the same track that I had come from. I started finding popularity with a new group of people.

In the midst of all this I went to a talk and somebody explained to me what it meant to know Jesus and perhaps for the first time I sat down and listened.

I probably would have told people that I knew all kinds of things about Jesus, but the truth was I didn't know much at all.

“On the inside I was sad”I think the biggest question we need to answer is: "Who is this guy, Jesus, and what if He is the real deal?"

I think the biggest shame is trying to live a life devoid of trying to think about that or answer that question, to go on to discover that He was real and that this mattered a lot.

If He really gave His life for us, that we might find life, I think that's worth some of our time.

My challenge to you is to look into it. Don't throw away something that you don't understand.

Having lived this life with Christ in it, I can say that it's totally different.

It's a life in full colour. There are a lot of challenges, but I can sincerely say that my faith in Christ is real and He is transforming me every day.

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