Exotic dancer healed of hurts

Sarah Lenhard
Sarah Lenhard

My name is Sarah Lenhard. People in the strip clubs used to know me as Cassandra. I am the founder of Dream Again Ministries and a former exotic dancer that has made my way out of the strip club and has succeeded in today's society.

I want you to hear my story about what my life used to be like living in the sex trade industry and the amazing transformation that took place in my life after leaving.

On stage and around my family and friends I felt like I had to put on a smile, pretending I was happy, and enjoying my life as an exotic dancer.

However, in my private moments I couldn't stand to be alone. When I was with my boyfriend I was miserable and became a so-called victim of domestic violence.

I didn't want to stop dancing and partying because when I was doing it, it was fun; but the aftermath was killing me.

All the drugs, alcohol, and sex were tearing me apart inside and I no longer knew who I was anymore.

Even after leaving the strip club scene, I was still trying to turn tricks with men to get what I wanted; I just couldn't seem to get my life together.

I knew God could help, but He seemed to be so far away and I didn't know how to reach Him.

I didn't even know where to begin to pick up the pieces of my life in order to mend them back together.

It wasn't until God blessed me with a baby girl, that I realised I could not continue living my life the way it was. I did not want my daughter to experience the same things I was experiencing.

I knew that in order to provide a better life for the both of us I was going to have to invite Jesus Christ into my life to help me change.

I knew of salvation and transformation in Jesus Christ because I had attended a Christian school until the age of 14, where Bible study and chapel services were a daily and weekly devotion for the students there.

I committed my life to Jesus in the summer of 2005 by acknowledging that the way I was living my life was wrong in the sight of God. I wanted to be close to God and I wanted to accept the plan that He had for me and my daughter's life which I knew to be greater than the plan I had for my own life.  It was not a change that took place over night, and it was not easy. As a matter of fact, I still struggle with issues that the sex trade industry has imprinted on my life.

However, slowly God has opened my eyes to His truth found in the Bible, cleansed me of my sins, and healed me of the hurt that was in my life due to my experiences.

God created a way for me and my daughter when there seemed to be no way. He is making a way for you as well if you believe and receive His Son, Jesus Christ

God has something great in mind for your life, just as He has for me.?

More about Sarah’s work at dreamagainministries.com

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