By John Hutchinson

Looking down

Marree Man

A young fellow wanting to make an impression took his girl-friend for a helicopter ride. From the air she looked down and saw a message made from hay bales – a message which would dramatically change her life.

It simply said, 'Will you marry me?'

What could she say but 'yes?'

You see all kinds of things from the air. If you were to fly over South West England you are likely spot one or more of the large chalk stone figures of horses.

South Australia has its mysterious Marree Man – the second largest geoglyph in the world featuring an aboriginal man hunting with a boomerang.

In the Adelaide hills, air travellers can see a message formed by trees. It has taken decades for the trees to be large enough to be clearly visible from over head.

The tree line message of only two words is for Christians, the most important two words in the world - 'Jesus Lives.'

It is the time of year when we celebrate a very dramatic event – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A message of salvation.

The Bible teaches, and Christians believe, that Jesus rose bodily from the dead and that He lives today.


The resurrection of Christ from the dead authenticated all that he said and did. He said he would be put to death and, on the third day, rise again.

Many have tried to disprove the resurrection of Jesus. One being Frank Morrison, a distinguished skeptical lawyer, who examined the evidence from a negative point of view but, was so convinced by it he became a committed Christian. Morrison wrote a book called, Who Moved the Stone.

There was a skeptic among the twelve disciples of Jesus who refused to believe he had risen from death unless he could see, for himself, the nail prints of the crucifixion in his hands and feet.

On meeting the risen Christ and being invited to actually touch the wounds he exclaimed, 'My Lord! and My God!'


It's almost two thousand years since the stone was rolled away from the tomb and Jesus was reunited with his friends and followers. What does it mean for us today?

Christians believe that in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ God has done something very special for mankind. The Bible says Christ's death on the cross was on our behalf. He gave himself for us. He died for our sins.

Through His resurrection He proved His claims to be God and He lives today.

Because He lives we can know Him as a Saviour and friend and anticipate spending eternity in His glorious presence.

Because He lives we can expect Him to return, as He promised.

More than the life impact the words 'Will you marry me' written in hale bales will have, is the message that 'Jesus lives' to bring us everlasting life through belief in Him. How wonderful to know that Jesus lives!

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