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The enlightened Dr. Holly Ordway

Holly Ordway

As an uncompromising atheist Dr. Holly Ordway recalls her early life in her autobiography, saying: "In college, I absorbed the idea that Christianity was historical curiosity, or a blemish on modern civilization, or perhaps both. My college science classes presented Christians as illiterate anti-intellectuals. My history classes omitted or downplayed references to historical figures' faith."

By the age of 31, she was "an atheist college professor–and I delighted in thinking of myself that way. I got a kick out of being an unbeliever; it was fun to consider myself superior to the unenlightened."

Later in life she came to a place of personal faith in Jesus and when she reflected on the new light in her life she wrote: "When your eyes are used to artificial light, the bright sunlight is almost blinding."

A stunning and challenging reflection from someone who has come to experience the real difference Jesus can make.

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