Miracle healing brought faith

Producer and director Ferd Sebastian, credited with 14 films, has survived a heart condition, a stroke and cancer, and gives all praise to the only one who could heal him

Ferd Sebastian
HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR: Ferd Sebastian, then aged 58, on the set of Bad to the Bone movie in 1997

After pounding my body to the breaking point my heart was clogged up from stress and improper eating. I needed open heart surgery!

My operation was a success but after six months my bypasses started stopping up.

The doctors said my best chance would be if they blocked off or killed half of my heart. I would be severally restricted in my activity, but that if I didn't do it I was sure to have a fatal heart attack.

I was a film producer living in Los Angeles at that time, so dejectedly I went to the studio.

A thought came as clear as day. 'Ferd, you can't handle this. There is nothing you or your money can do. You need help.'

Somehow, I knew Jesus was the answer. I asked my wife and son if they would pray with me and we went out to a vacant sound stage. As we were walking out to the stage, I remembered something my father told me as a child, that Jesus made promises to his followers. One of them being answering prayers.

I was 56 years old at the time of my heart problems, and I hadn't been to church or picked up a Bible in probably 40 years. But I wanted to claim Jesus' promise.

We prayed to Jesus to heal me. I told Jesus I didn't know where it said this in the Bible but I had faith that He could and would heal me. I felt a small snap in my chest. Jesus reached down and picked me up and said, "Why didn't you call on me sooner? I've been with you all the time, but you wouldn't listen."

Jesus healed my body, renewed my mind, and filled me with His Spirit and love.

From that day on I got stronger. I told the doctors, Jesus had healed me. They didn't believe me. They gave me a test where they put a radioactive solution in my veins and photographed my heart. It was healed.

That was the start of waking me up to Jesus. I had not been putting Jesus first in my life. Jesus was lucky to be in fifth place after work, money, family and play. In other words I thought of Him very seldom. But He had not forgotten me. He gave me the chance to live and I thank Him with every breath I take.

I wanted to help other people so I started to talk to heart patients as my main ministry as I could relate to how they felt.

At that time I didn't know why my prayer worked. I started reading the Bible and asking God to make His Word clear to me. It became interesting to me and I started reading it like a novel. It never made much sense to me before but now it did. Every time I read the Bible I learnt something new.

“There is nothing you or your money can do. You need help”God keeps opening my mind and revealing new things to me. Thank God for His teaching, now I can better serve other people by going over with them passages in the Bible.

In 1996, tests revealed I had prostate cancer. I went home and prayed to Jesus to heal me. After 30 days I went back to the doctor to take another test. The test was negative. Praise The Lord!

When I was 64 years old, I had a stroke which entirely paralysed my left side. While waiting for the ambulance my wife and I phoned our son and we prayed together for Jesus to heal me. By the time the ambulance arrived I could walk and I had all my feelings back. I love Jesus so much. He has been so good to me!

In hospital they gave me a CAT scan and they didn't find a clot. This time I think one of the nurses believed me when I said that Jesus took it away.

After three days in hospital my wife took me home. On the way we met the owner of the small cafe who was a friend of mine. I told him that Jesus healed me. He asked me to talk to his cook, as his father had just had a stroke.

I now knew that, like my previous two illness, my stroke was a blessing by which I could help new people. If you trust in Jesus, He will turn your misfortune into a blessing for others.

As I have faith and trust in Jesus, thank God that when He looks at me, He doesn't see this faulty person I am. All He sees is the Christ that lives inside of me and to Him that makes me perfect.