By Alan Bailey

It pays to be sure


Wrong information can be deadly. Recent headlines tell of one hundred men being notified through pathology that they have tested positive for cancer. Many of these men had already been through treatment and thought they were clear. The new information sent them reeling. But it was wrong. Hurriedly the hospital contacted the men again, apologising that a mistake had been made. The tests were faulty.

In many matters it is vital to have the right information. Some danger areas immediately come to mind. You have heard it said that science has disproved the Bible and rules out the supernatural. This is simply untrue. Many prominent scientists are Christians. In fact, Christians have been involved in many fields of science throughout history. Actually, science helps to show the glory of God in creation.

Another common saying is that the Bible has been changed so many times over the years that it is nothing like it was when it was written. This can only be said out of complete ignorance. There are ancient manuscripts carefully kept. All translations are from documents that date well back to Bible times or near. Comparisons have been made and close checking done to keep the text as pure as possible. There is every reason to have confidence in the text.

You have also heard it said that all religions are the same. No one religion can claim any superiority over the others. It would take a long time to show how overwhelmingly this is incorrect. Huge differences exist. Standing above all is the person of Jesus Christ. He is incomparable. No-one was anything like Him nor claimed to be. No other Saviour is offered. He stands alone having done all for us through death and resurrection.

Then there are those who feel that if they became a Christian, their lives would descend into joyless religious routine. Yet Jesus said "I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly (see John 10:10)." True life begins when we come to know Him in a personal way and entrust ourselves to Him. He is alive and able to meet us in our need. All in all, it pays to be sure.