By Andrew Halloway

Lawyer finds case for grand design

John Langlois
John Langlois shares his firm beliefs about creation

As a successful lawyer and former politician, John Langlois believes the evidence for life arising and evolving by chance is completely absent.

John studied the fossil evidence and the claims of scientists and concluded: "The main tools of the legal profession are hard evidence and logic. I thought to myself: 'If I had to prove in court the allegedly hard facts that these scientists have presented to me as my brief, how would I go about it?'

"The answer was there was no way they could prove their case to an impartial judge and jury. The link between fish, tetrapods [land animals]], monkeys and of course, me, was just a figment of scientists' imaginations."

As a young student, John had no problem with Darwinism. He had studied biology at school and other sciences, and believed it was just the way God had chosen to create life: "No big deal."

Even while studying theology in London, he enjoyed going to the Natural History Museum, where evolution was the big theme.

"I lapped it all up."

But in the years that followed, John became increasingly doubtful, as he looked deeper into the evolutionary explanations for life.

"There were (and are) still an endless series of 'final lost links' which allegedly tied up all the loose ends and proved that Darwinian evolution was true. The problem was that they never seemed to find the last link; they kept coming and coming...

"I can remember April 2006, when the great discovery of the Tiktaalik fossil was announced [claimed to be the missing link between fish and four-legged land animals]. I went to see a specimen at the Natural History Museum. I was under-impressed. The creature was mostly a reconstruction, a specimen of someone's imagination.

"The claim was that Tiktaalik's features 'show that many of the body features we associate with the earliest tetrapods actually evolved in fish first'. Not to me it didn't. It didn't stack up.

“As a barrister, I certainly could not advance the case of these fraudsters in court; the evidence is not there“"As decades have passed, proofs have become more elusive for evolutionists. Back in the 1960s we accepted that life evolved to what it is today from a soup-like mixture in a warm pond somewhere. Now we know that life cells are incredibly complex and there are more discoveries all the time which scientists just cannot explain.

"It is becoming clearer and clearer that this level of complexity demands an Intelligent Designer. The odds of the universe creating itself out of nothing with no purpose, design or intelligence is just an insult to the intelligence that the Creator has given us. Intelligent design* is now the only credible scientific explanation there is.

"New Atheists like Dawkins are primarily evangelists for atheism, not science. They just use science – or more correctly 'scientism' (pseudo-science) – to 'prove' their case... claiming that life on earth today is the result of an unguided, undesigned process. Not a chance. But that is what is being taught in our schools.

"As a barrister, I certainly could not advance the case of these fraudsters in court; the evidence is not there. But I would love to act on the side of truth and cross-examine Dawkins and co. in the witness box. I have 10,000 questions ready for them..."

John was brought up in a Christian family and made his own decision to become a Christian at just six years of age. "My faith was tested in my teens, like most teenagers," he says. "But God was faithful. The biggest contribution to my faith being strong has been my practice of reading a passage from the Bible and some notes on it, and praying each morning.

"Yet my faith is just as simple as that day when I was six. I am just the sheep which was lost, which Jesus found and brought into his fold. To keep me from wandering I stay close to my Shepherd."

John concludes: "It makes much more sense that God created the world out of nothing than nothing or no one made the world out of nothing. That's nonsense. There is a Designer. Dawkins's case dismissed. Clear the court."?

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