with Karl Faase

Not all debts are painless

Credit cards are a common part of the lives of people in wealthy nations. The access to easy credit means we don't have to wait for the things we want, we can get them now. And, if you're like me, you realise how easy it is to use a credit card – especially in the age of the 'tap and go'. It feels completely painless.

But anyone with a credit card knows that there is a day of reckoning, it's called the monthly account. All those easily bought goods now have to be paid for.

This is just like sin; dismissing God and following your own desires. It feels good in the short term doesn't it? Do what you like, pursue your desires, but there is a price to pay. First, there is the price of broken relationships, health and integrity from some of the choices you'll make.

Secondly, there will be a time to be accountable to God with everlasting consequences.

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