Acting the part

Meeting Brad Pitt on the set of his 2010 movie Moneyball is among the highlights of Steve Cha’s three-year foray into Hollywood.

Steve Cha
Extraordinary changes in friends led Steve Cha to change his life

"I wasn't working the type of job I wanted and was pretty lonely, especially after many disappointing relationships and friendships," the Bachelor of Arts graduate recalls.

Hoping for Hollywood success Steve became an aspiring actor in 2007 to make connections and pursue his dream of being a film director.

The connections he needed failed to materialise and his unhappiness continued, prompting Steve to reassess what he was living for.

"By most standards I was a 'good' guy, but I was pretty unloving and cared mostly for my personal wellbeing," he admits on reflection.

Steve's loneliness prompted him to ask those he admired why their Christian faith had changed them.

In contrast to his lifestyle, Steve recalls, "I saw people who had become Christians change so drastically and have such a pure desire to please God that I just couldn't believe they were the same people."

While his father was an atheist, his Christian mother encouraged him to attend church since childhood.

This experience, he says, gave him a "head knowledge about God", but partying still seemed more attractive.

Months after he began acting, a Christian co-worker gave him Christian literature and DVDs by the ministry Living Waters, featuring Ray Comfort and former Growing Pains actor Kirk Cameron.

“My personal ambitions faded away ... I ran the risk of being scolded or even fired”The lights came on, Steve says, when he understood the courtroom analogy.

"I recognised that I was a criminal in God's sight because I broke His eternal law too many times to count.

"As God is just, He had to serve justice on lawbreakers," he adds.

"In His love for us, Jesus took on human form and lived the life I should have lived in order to keep God's Law perfectly.

"Jesus' perfect human life made Him qualified to die on the cross on my behalf, taking my sins upon Himself as the official substitute. Jesus rose again on the third day, proving that He was God and that my debt had been paid for."

Steve remembers that at age 23, "I repented and believed in Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and my sins are imputed to Him on the cross and His righteousness was credited to me. Jesus' perfection qualifies me to enter heaven."

Immediately what Jesus said about being spiritually "born again" in John chapter three made sense.

"God miraculously brought spiritual life to my soul, and sinful habits slowly disappeared. I started to put on virtuous attributes like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness and self-control."

God gave him new "unprecedented" desires to read the Bible, he says, and to "pray for God's will instead of my own selfish will", as well as "using my workplace to share the gospel [message of Jesus] with whoever I could.

"I shared about my new life with extras and talked to celebrities like James Woods, Keifer Sutherland, Freddie Prince Jr, Torrie Spelling, William Friedkin, and David Fincher.

"My personal ambitions faded away and I wanted to share about Jesus even at the expense of my own reputation and welfare. I ran the risk of being scolded or even fired."

This risk became a reality in 2010.

"I gave Brad Pitt some Christian literature during the filming of Moneyball in August 2010. He was impressed by his cartoon image on a million dollar bill. Ten days later my agency let me go."

Though Steve no longer works in Hollywood, he reports "God provided for me since then."

Steve completed a Master of Divinity in 2015 and works as an author and travelling speaker, sharing about the message of Jesus.

"Jesus says that if we seek His kingdom and His righteousness, by trusting in Him, then He takes care of His children's needs," he concludes.?

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