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Gunnar Helbe
Gunnar Helbe

Serious disease has struck Gunnar Helbe twice in his life and on both occasions he recovered by calling out to his Creator.

"In 1960, I was working for James Hardy in the factory for one year making asbestos products," Gunnar says.

"There while I was recycling broken sheets of asbestos I contracted asbestos disease and found it very difficult to breathe."

Due to his Christian faith, Gunnar immediately turned to God for help.

"I prayed to God to heal me from this disease and He completely healed me," he shares.

"I could once again breathe normally and my lungs were fine again."

The year before, Gunnar and his mother Natalia had been to the Billy Graham Crusade in Perth.

Gunnar with his mother
Gunnar with his late mother, Natalia

The clear message was that all sin is forgiven and new life is given to any person who truly surrenders their life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

That night, Gunnar says, "I surrendered my life to Jesus. *I believed that Jesus died for my sins."

Immediately he saw changes happen in his life, such as an inner knowledge of God's love for him.

Gunnar's reliance on God was again tested in 2009 when he visited his home country Estonia for a song festival.

"I was diagnosed with throat cancer in Estonia," Gunner says.

Doctors prescribed him with medication but there was no effect.

“God completely healed me of the cancer”In the end, Gunnar confidently says, "God completely healed me of the cancer."

Gunnar says that in His goodness, "God healed me twice of two diseases. Thank God for His healing miracles to completely heal me twice. Praise the Lord."

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