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Unique gene found in humans

apes and man

Researchers have discovered a new gene, unique to humans, that appears to have a role in "the advanced brain functions that make us human".

That's good. The trouble is, however, the additional evolutionary 'spin' disseminated in reports of the discovery. The new gene, miR–941, was dubbed the 'evolution gene', and it was claimed the gene "helps explain how humans evolved from chimpanzees".

Team leader Martin Taylor of the University of Edinburgh said, "This new molecule sprang from nowhere at a time our species was undergoing dramatic changes: living longer, walking upright, learning how to use tools and how to communicate."

"Sprang from nowhere"?! Surely this gene associated with intelligence in humans can only have itself come from a source of greater intelligence? (Romans 1:20)?

'Unique' evolution gene find hailed, MSN News, 14 November 2012.

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