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By Darryl Budge

Disable Windows 10 upgrade prompts with 'GWX Control Panel'

GWX Control Panel
Eject the 'Get Windows 10 app' with GWX Control Panel

Did you know that Microsoft has deceptively changed the Windows 10 upgrade notice?

Microsoft has made Windows 10 a "recommended update", so even if you dismiss the upgrade prompt to update, your OS will still "schedule" the update.

The only way to opt out of the upgrade is following the link in the upgrade prompt: "Click here to change upgrade schedule or cancel scheduled upgrade".

There is an enduring method to disable the Windows 10 upgrade notice and any future intrusion in seconds: download the free GWX Control Panel, which has just been updated for even more reliable and long-lasting results.

You can toggle whether the "Get Windows 10" icon app is running and/or enabled, whether automatic Windows 10 upgrades are allowed, and it will tell you whether you have a hidden Windows 10 Download folder with installer files.

Microsoft has released patches which restore these settings, associated programs and their scheduled tasks, but GWX Control Panel includes a "Delete Windows 10 Programs" option to prevent this from happening.

If you still find the "Get Windows 10' icon returns, an optional "Monitor Mode" tracks any related Windows 10 upgrade settings, and raises an alert if something changes.

GWX Control Panel is a free tool for Windows 7 and 8. The developer has written a comprehensive User Guide on his website

If you like Windows 10 but are annoyed by the Start menu "suggested apps", you can disable them in Settings > Personalization. Or use the VMWare OS optimization tool:

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