Believe it or not

By Dr Don Batten

DNA repair uses electrical signals

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The DNA in our cells gets damaged and needs to be repaired. Failure to fix the damage causes cancer. Our cells have nano-machines that travel along the strands of DNA to find the errors and repair them. But this is a big job—with 3,000 million "letters" on the human DNA to check and not many of the nano-machine checkers, it would take a long time.

Scientists proposed some years ago that DNA might act as an electrical conductor and this could be involved in error checking and other functions.1 Researchers at Caltech have now provided evidence that the DNA repair machines use the electrical conductivity of the DNA to locate the errors.2

A pair of repair enzymes, known as EndoIII and MutY, cooperate to detect faults in the transfer of an electronic charge from one to the other along a few hundred base pairs (letters) of the DNA, which then indicates a fault in the DNA in that section. Then the faulty section is searched to locate the faulty base pair and repair it.

Sections that allow charge transfer don't have any errors and are skipped from detailed checking. In this way the checking process is very rapid and efficient.

People are continually being amazed at the incredibly efficient, intricate design of living things. This sort of discovery multiplies the problems for those who try to explain everything without a Creator—how could any repair mechanism come into existence without intelligent design, let alone one with such sophistication? And life could not exist without it!?


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