Apes cannot lift like humans

Multi-skilled weightlifter and qualified criminal lawyer Deborah Acason strongly disagrees with the notion that we have evolved.

She points out that her ability to lift proportionally more than a gorilla is a real-life demonstration that the Bible's account of origins better explains how we are designed.

She cites the opinion of spine expert the late Richard Porter, formerly Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Aberdeen.

"He pointed out that the curvature in our spine is the opposite of that of the apes (our supposed evolutionary ancestors) because the arch of our spine is perfectly designed to give us strength in an upright position, while apes go about on all fours."

Deborah smiles and adds, 'I'll never forget the example he used to emphasize that point—he said that humans, in relation to their bodyweight, can lift proportionally more weight than a gorilla.

"Well, I, for one, am living proof of that!"

I am living proof, says DeborahHer sporting successes have led to numerous invitations for her to address schools, youth camps and events across the country, and despite her high profile she loves every minute of it.

"Sometimes when I tell people that I'm a Christian, they say: 'I know that there's a God, but to believe that God made everything and that's how it came about, that's too much.'

"Paradoxically, people I know who do science (at university) recognize that the supposed big bang couldn't have created everything, but are unwilling to accept that the Creator is the God of the Bible."

Deborah completed a double degree in Law/Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University in Brisbane.

On matters of law, Deborah says, "I often hear: 'Our country used to be Christian, but now we get to make our own laws.'"

At a university tutorial, she challenged that. "I said to the group, 'Well, what happens when everyone thinks murder is okay?'

"They said that this would never happen, so I said: 'What about the abortion laws?', and that shut them up."

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